How We Are Different

You may have been to other attorneys, or you may have a perception of how attorneys treat clients, our intention is that by taking you through our process we will shatter your notions of what it’s like to see an attorney and instead you will look forward to our visits and turn our office as a Trusted Adviser.

Most estate planning attorneys push you into a one-size-fits-all plan, provide you with the documents for your plan, and then you never hear from your attorney again.

Should you ever attempt to reach out to your attorney about your plan or you just have a general question about the law your attorney can’t be reached or they charge you some outlandish fee for a ten minute conversation.

We pride ourselves on not putting you through the typical attorney experience. When we meet together we’ll have an in depth conversation about who and what in your life matters the most to you and we’ll design a plan that matches your values.

Our relationship does not end once you’re in physical possession of your legal documents; instead think of the documents you receive as a by-product of our relationship. Our relationship is one that goes beyond the legal

We want to be your family lawyer for life so we will take steps throughout your lifetime to ensure that your plan works for your family when they need it most – in the event of your death or incapacity. Unfortunately, most legal documents are stale as soon as they are signed and your assets change, the law changes or your life changes. We have updating and maintenance plans to ensure your plan always works and we ensure your assets are owned in the right way, throughout your lifetime.

Most importantly, unlike the typical attorney experience you are not charged on an hourly basis. All of our services are based on a flat fee that we will agree to in advance as determined by your particular goals and needs, so there are never any surprises.

Schedule an Appointment

The best way to start your estate planning is with a Family Wealth Planning Session. During this private session, we will look at everything you own and everyone you love to identify what would happen to them if anything happened to you. Then, if things would not go as you choose, we’ll design a plan to ensure they do.

Call us today at (408) 218-6665 or email us to set up your Family Wealth Planning Session.

Because each day is a gift, today is always the best day to take the next step towards making certain that your family is cared for should the unexpected happen.