Law Office of Tyler S. Hinz

Tyler S. Hinz is an attorney dedicated to providing legal services to consumers who have been victimized as consumers and debtors by unfair business practices. If you have had an issue with a debt collector, debt collection law firm, lender, financing company, mortgage broker, auto dealer, credit card company etc., Tyler S. Hinz is ready to represent you so that you can secure your financial future and protect your rights immediately. He is an experienced lawyer that has handled numerous cases involving lemon law issues, unfair debt collection practices, inaccurate credit reporting, auto fraud and a host of other topics. Tyler S. Hinz is ready to stand up for you and help you face your complex consumer law issues head on.

Tyler Hinz is a consumer protection attorney located in Santa Clara California. While his office is located in the San Jose area, he represents clients from all over California. Contact him for a free consultation at (408) 218-6665 or e-mail him at